Laurel & Wolf: Los Angeles

Laurel & Wolf designers are carefully hand-selected from the country’s best interior design talent. After a designer applies, the team evaluates and selects designers based on a combination of education, experience, professional certifications and of course, their design work.

Heal: Los Angeles

Heal gets a doctor to your home with a tap on your iPhone. A licensed pediatrician or family doctor arrives in under 60 minutes and every visit is just $99, no hidden costs. Heal cares for your entire family on your schedule.

Trace: Los Angeles

We started with AlpineReplay – a free stat tracking app for skiers and snowboarders. AlpineReplay, now called Trace Snow, has since become the most used, highest rated stat tracking app in the world. But we want to bring our technology and expertise to the rest of the action sports community.

HelloTech: Los Angeles

HelloTech is a new on-demand tech support service provided by fully-vetted and trained team of techs. Each of their techs is hand-selected, background-checked and completes a comprehensive training program. In addition to a complete range of tech support services, they also provide new technology consultation and training. HT not only fixes problems, they educate and…

Clutter: Los Angeles

Clutter makes it easy for you to enjoy a simple and organized home by safely storing your extra stuff and bringing it back to you on demand. You don’t have to waste time, money, and effort to enjoy the cool things you own. That’s the beauty of Clutter full-service storage!

Ferris: Los Angeles

Ferris uses mobile technology to empower people to create and share their own untold stories. Ferris was started to help consumers organize their video moments into beautiful sharable stories. We’ve been rethinking how mobile video should be approached. Our mobile technology is changing the way people collect and share their video content online and we’re…

Fliptu: Los Angeles

As brand managers in our previous lives, Fliptu found it very frustrating that the content they published in the social sphere fell into the social media abyss within minutes. Their fans missed nearly everything they published, resulting in low engagement and poor ROI. There had to be a better method to engage with fans…so Fliptu…

Two Bit Circus: Los Angeles

Two Bit Circus lives at the intersection of technology and spectacle. They engineer entertainment that is imaginative and interactive, blurring the line between physical and digital playgrounds to create a new world of social amusement.

Vinyl: Los Angeles

Pick: Choose from our list of #vibes so we may hand-curate a stack of wax for you. Discover: Each month a surprise batch of beautiful 12″ LPs arrives to enliven your turntable. Repeat: Listen, love, how about some more? Learn more at:

Beautify Earth: Los Angeles

Beautify Earth creates public and private art projects utilizing overlooked sources such as blighted walls, fixtures and streets for the purpose of instilling community pride in impoverished or neglected communities. The organization seeks to engage new artistic voices through education and outreach programs designed to inspire and provide a framework for previously undiscovered talent to…

Enrou: Los Angeles

Enrou is more than just a fashion e-commerce site — we believe there is a way to use the power of humanity — an unbreakable human connection– to generate massive change. Enrou is at the forefront of a conscious-consuming movement and revolutionizing how individuals can make a global impact in their everyday lives.

Quinn Heraty: Los Angeles

Security Check: Quinn Heraty is principal of the law firm Heraty Law PLLC. Heraty Law started in 2002 and is celebrating its lucky 13th anniversary this month (January 2015). Our clientèle includes media professionals (television, publishing, audio, journalism), conferences, roller derby leagues, artists, designers, performers, tech builders, activists, and one very famous, very derpy dog….