Contently: New York City

Contently is a new marketplace that connects experienced journalists with publishers looking for quality freelancers. On top of the marketplace is a layer of online tools for freelancer management, content scheduling and revision tracking. Contently works with agencies like Weber Shandwick and Federated Media, as well as brands like Facebook and Allstate to help them manage and optimize content marketing initiatives. Media companies also use Contently to manage freelancers and contracts, and journalists use Contently’s portfolio tools to build their personal brands on the web. The Content Strategist, their dynamic blog, features social media and content marketing tips and trends.

As Shane Snow, the founder of Contently says, “We started Contently when we saw two sweeping trends: traditional media moving heavily toward freelance talent rather than staff, and new media moving away from content farm SEO techniques and toward high quality content for social media. We were pissed off at Demand Media, and concerned about journalists now needing to be good at more than just reporting and writing (i.e. they needed to be businesspeople). Soon after starting Contently we saw another rising trend: content marketing. Realizing this could be a great source of work for bereaved journalists-turned-freelancers, we started building tools to attract brand publishers as well. From there, Contently has grown into a media platform that, as our slogan says, is Powering The Next Generation Of Publishing.

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