InVenture: Los Angeles

InVenture unleashes the potential of developing entrepreneurs to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty by leveraging mobile technology to create credit scores for unbanked individuals around the world.

We started InVenture because we wanted to facilitate financial inclusion for businesses all over the world — businesses that can become engines for economic growth and change the fate of their communities. We have seen and heard firsthand from micro-business owners about how they are unable to expand their businesses and feel trapped in a cycle of debt and poverty. We have learned from microfinance institutions and seen that the current system of micro-credit is not enough to help businesses grow and contribute to lasting economic development. We want to solve the problem of the underserved “missing middle” in developing economies by giving developing entrepreneurs the chance to expand, to employ more of their neighbors, and to lift their communities out of poverty. By leveraging existing technology and real-time data, we offer a set of tools and services to provide credit scores that are critical for entry into the formal financial sector.

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