Digital Democracy: New York City

Digital Democracy’s mission is to empower marginalized communities to leverage technology to fight for their human rights. This 501 c3 partners with community groups and organizations and through a three-step process helping them to build digital literacy and skills, digital organizing capacity with tech systems that help them harness tools like data, mobile phones, photography, mapping, etc., and ultimately, digital citizenship capability.  The aim is to empower truly participatory and effecting decision-making by the citizens, their government and other power players who influence those key issues and the citizens’ daily lives. Emily Jacobi, co-founder of DD says “Our work is focused on catalyzing our partners’ potential to participate in the decisions that govern their lives. Though each implementation focuses on the specific needs and environment where we are, all our work begins with listening.”

One of their incredible programs is in Haiti where grassroots partners have gone from basic photo trainings under tarps to being leaders in addressing rape and sexual violence, managing a database system and 24-hour sexual violence hotline in a country where 911 doesn’t exist.  Dd’s strategic focus through 2013 is on mapping injustices and networking data.  Working at the intersection of human rights and technology, Dd uses the right tools in the rights places to catalyze community-driven solutions.

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