Sherpaa: New York City

Sherpaa was founded by Dr. Jay Parkinson and Cheryl Swirnow when the need of a real change in healthcare became all too evident. Though so many great companies and individuals were working to make health accessible, we knew going above and beyond meant making everything work together. The solution: a centralized and real-time command center for your health needs.

Sherpaa helps companies optimize health coverage plans and then provides them with around the clock email and phone access to their network of friendly, tech-savvy doctors.  Since launching in NYC this past year, they’ve saved companies from Tumblr to Skillshare thousands in unnecessary health fees, optimizing their insurance plans and advising on healthcare usage to ensure dollars are spent wisely. Companies that use Sherpaa pay a minimal monthly fee and end up saving many times that in health costs, creating for a service that pays for itself. Innovation in healthcare has come at last.

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