Small Girls PR: New York City

As an agency that enables their clients to be more personable with consumers, it’s no wonder that Small Girls PR is eponymously named.  With co-founders Mallory Blair and Bianca Caampued standing at 5’3” and 5’0” respectively, the small but mighty firm has come to represent brands as big as Pinkberry, Flavorpill and Google since opening their doors two years ago. With backgrounds in fashion marketing and tech insights, Small Girls execute digital PR, social media strategy, influencer engagements, and blow out events with digital tie-ins for both the sartorial and the startup.

The NY Post heralded them “reigning prom queens of the NY tech scene”, ranked them #9 on Top 10 Sexiest Web Geeks and Glamour agreed they’re “two PR girls who clearly have a knack for building buzz.” Frequent flyers, the team can be found at their headquarters in Brooklyn or at events they throw in Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin.

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