The New Media Advocacy Project: New York City

The New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map) advances human rights and social justice by using digital video and other media to strengthen legal advocacy in courts, legislatures, and communities. N-Map’s lawyers and media professionals help advocates integrate new technology directly into their legal strategies, enabling them to win their cases and achieve their clients’ goals effectively and efficiently. We also work with filmmakers to develop legal strategies to enhance the power of film to impact human rights.

N-Map was founded upon the idea that the combination of excellent legal advocacy with the visual and social power of new media can be a potent force for advancing human rights. The social and political landscapes in which human rights advocates work are changing rapidly—mobile technology, social media, and video have become central to social justice movements around the world. N-Map is working to harness the many new opportunities created by social media and technology to enhance the traditional tools of advocacy.  By ensuring that the voices of victims are front and center in the fight for change, we help advocates throughout the world tell their stories in more compelling and powerful ways—to tip the balance in the toughest cases and campaigns.

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