Cookbook Create: New York City

Cookbook Create helps people tell their story through food by providing a print-on-demand platform for cookbooks. Their beautiful and fun product helps people easily collect recipes from different sources and design their own custom cookbooks to be ordered by mail.

Anna, the founder, was inspired to build this company when one day she was looking for her grandmother’s chocolate drop cookie recipe in her mother’s cookbook. Her aunt had given her mother the notebook in 1969 with a dozen handwritten recipes. As Anna turned the pages that were coming unbound, she saw recipes from both sides of her family– realizing that this book was the story of her family through food. She was left with a question that inspired her to found Cookbook Create: What is digital version of this cookbook?

Cookbook Create helps the consumer address the key issues of recipe layout, streamlining formatting from different sources and collecting content, all while allowing anyone to tell the story of their family and life through food!

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