KLINE: New York City

KLINE is a new analog sketchbook and journal that features vellum, stock, and/or watercolor paper co-layered into a single hardbound cotton covered book.  Recently launched via Kickstarter (and having achieved its goal in exactly 7 days), their unique lineup of layered sketchbooks and journals are designed to raise your creative potential for the 21st century.

Creative work is taking an idea and adding layers; built through conversations, testing, reworking, changing context, and adding insight, layers are crucial to a successful idea. This creative process offers anyone the opportunity to express and understand his or her world. Call us old fashioned, but we believe the journey is just as important as the destination.   KLINE sketchbooks and journals give you the freedom to layer and develop your ideas, no wi-fi required.

KLINE are the only line of sketchbooks and journals to be covered with cotton, a renewable material.  Cotton hardcover has a proven durability with heavy use and will give you an unparalleled ability to customize (paint, sketch, print) your cover.  Only on KLINE canvas can your creativity be expressed on the cover of your journal, as well as contained within. In full disclosure, our co-curator and founder Erica @GoodBerger is helping the team run the media campaign during the Kickstarter.  She’s obsessed with these notebooks–check them out and order yours here!

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