Grouper: New York City

Grouper is an selective social club that uses online technology to bring people together offline. The service hand matches two groups of three friends for a night of adventurous fun in their cities–romantic or platonic. In today’s digital age, Grouper values the importance of pure human interaction above all else, and sees technology as a means, not and ends to achieving this goal. Grouper uses a dedicated Member Experience team to customize each Grouper experience from venue, to 3 x 3 match, to ice-breaking get to know you games, and more.

Grouper is currently in 25 cities in the US and in Toronto, and is bringing the love to London in December. Already, thousands of people have met through the service. So, whether it’s at a NYC lounge, San Francisco bar, or London pub, the Grouper experience is customized to ensure its members are taking advantage of their cities and the people who live there.

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