HitList: New York City

Hitlist was founded by Gillian Morris, Luka Kladaric, and Timo de Winter to help address the painful, inefficient travel search experience that they think holds people back from traveling as much as they’d like to. Hitlist is a mobile app that helps you build a list of places you’d like to go, then alerts you when there are cheap flights to get there. It scans and filters billions of airfares and sends you only the ones most relevant to you, saving time and money and helping you get on the road more often.

Hitlist functions much as a travel agent would: you provide the times, destinations (or types of destinations), and budget that works for you, and Hitlist make suggestions that fit your unique travel profile. Available on iOS and Android. Hitlist’s investors include the Chairman of Orbitz and the founder of JetBlue.

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