Wearable Experiments: New York City

Wearable Experiments [We:eX] is a socially driven wearable technology company. Their mission is to bring together fashion and technology with a functional design aesthetic, and use creative problem solving to help us live well and have a better quality of life.[We:eX] designs and builds hardware, software and the apparel for wearable technology products. Currently [We:eX] is rapidly developing wearable technology that is INVISIBLE, waterproof, durable and above all DESIGN FOCUSED!

[We:eX]  believes the way forward for their industries is creative collaboration. They recently released their latest NAVIGATE jacket campaign and are in the process of doing New York specific software that is curated by NYC influencers. NAVIGATE is a jacket for map free travel so the consumers get their eyes away from the screen and back into the physical world. Technology has become a distraction; their products are about bringing people back to the human connection.

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