Versa: New York City

Versa is the only real-time platform that helps you build your brand as an issue expert within the context of relevant news. It’s like having the power placement of an op-ed, with the immediacy of a tweet! Versa’s expert network includes startup CEOs, nonprofit leaders, scholars, teachers and advocates. When a relevant article breaks anywhere across Versa’s news network, you have the opportunity to feature your brand and a short response directly on that article. That puts you in front of a new, highly engaged, and issue-primed audience as a voice of authority on your topic.

We love Versa because it enriches the conversation around the most topical issues of the day by introducing the changemakers and creating a win-win-win for experts, brands, publishers and, most importantly, readers. And today, Versa is showing us just how much they love the movers and shakers of Mileage Media!

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