Catchpool: New York City

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by the Internet? Is content coming at you from every which direction, and taking up too much of your valuable time? Do you feel like it’s too rare that you read, watch, or listen to a link and actually feel stimulated, inspired, and better for having found it? Look no further. Catchpool (Erica’s company she’s been quietly working on) is soon coming out of private beta, and 2462 subscribers will be some of the first to get access. Catchpool is bringing back that feeling of wanting to curl up and discover the best stories again, on your own terms.

The Catchpool platform (website and email) helps you discover and share quality content quickly from people and creators that inspire you. By only allowing users to share 7 links each week, Catchpool helps busy people be more inspired and discover new voices and creators worth their time. What’s up with the name? Catchpool believes that if the web is like a sea of content, you just have to know where to go to catch the best. The bootstrapped team is building the best email newsletter on the planet, and the world’s first truly conscious digital media company. Come catch the best, and leave the rest with Catchpool.

Email and mention 2462 for a beta invite!

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