Mindfresh: New York City

Mindfresh was born out of the belief that we should feel good at work. It is, after all, where we spend the most hours of our waking day. While working in media and fashion, co-founders Jen Kluczkowski and Chiyoko Osborne were known to duck out of the office mid-day for yoga and meditation whenever possible. It was unquestionably making them more productive, decisive and happy. Work wasn’t getting less stressful; they were managing the stress better.

Together they created the mindfresh 30-Minute Method: office-friendly yoga + meditation to de-stress and refresh at work. No yoga mats or gym clothes needed to experience basic stretching, breathing exercises, and guided meditation. Return to your desk with a fresh perspective on work and a calmer, clearer mind.

Mindfresh is working with over 40 companies in NYC, ranging from startups to Fortune 100’s. All mindfresh teachers have business backgrounds so they can easily relate to long days spent at the office and the need to take a constructive break. Mindfresh plans to launch their second market, San Francisco, by end of 2015.

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