Gianna Wurzl: New York City

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I support female entrepreneurs globally on their journey to success with OneRoofWomen. It’s a tough road but a rewarding one. The more peeps there to lend a helping hand the more likely we are to stay on course.

What’s your historical Los Angeles and New York connection?
NYC represents many magical birthday memories. I used to go every April to celebrate, but living in Australia over the past four years my trips were less frequent, it’s ridiculously far. Now i’m back home.

Describe your experience in LA and in NYC.
NYC represents energy. I remember spending sleepless weeks and coming back to LA more enthused. Now in my 30’s it still has that affect but I have a greater appreciation for the pace and lifestyle of Venice Beach. NY gives me a buzz and LA a more consistent high.

What do you love about both cities, and what were the biggest challenges of moving from the west coast to NYC?
The time to get between the two.

How can NYC and LA best engage with each other?
More women supporting other women. One Roof is creating a community of female entrepreneurs that crosses boarders.

Favorite LA secret spot:
Another Kind of Sunrise in Venice Beach.

Favorite NY secret spot:
Antonucci on the Upper East

If you weren’t building what you were now, what would you be doing or building?
I’m sitting on my couch looking at the ocean working on something I love, exactly where I want to be. That being said Italy is always a good choice.

Inflight Entertainment: What song/album/podcast/show have you been engaged with lately?
Jordan K Daly’s playlists on Spotify.

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