Birdi: San Francisco

While the concept of a smart, connected smoke detector isn’t necessarily new, Birdibrings a fresh spin to the idea: in addition to detecting harmful levels of smoke and alerting you, your family, and the local fire department, the device can also monitor air quality (including air pollution and pollen) as well as dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide. And it’s not just dependent on a smartphone app for its notifications – the device can also send alerts and messages to landlines, and can patch you through to local responders in case of a true emergency.

Birdi’s not just for emergencies – its daily monitoring systems continuously gather data on the air quality in your home, and can develop helpful advice for improving the air you breathe (and hopefully, lead to an overall healthier home). And, like 2905(miles), Birdi is a truly bicoastal, community-driven company: co-founder Mark Belinsky relocated from NYC to SF last year after a successful crowdfunding campaign to join his co-founder Justin Alvey and a hardware incubator tp bring Birdi to market. They’re currently taking pre-orders, with an estimated ship date of October 2014.

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