Dolo: San Francisco

It is the most ridiculously typical San Francisco problem: trying to find your friends in Dolores Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon, when the park is packed and no one seems to be answering their phone, because they’re too busy watching the hula hoop rave over on the soccer field or swilling beers.

Luckily, there’s an app for that: the adorably cartoonish Dolo was developed by a trio of Facebook and Foursquare developers and designers. After connecting the app to your Facebook account, you can check in to specific parts of the park to show your friends as to exactly where you’re seated, and you can also receive push notifications to let you know when your friends check in to the park (and, of course, see where they’re located as well). With free Wi-Fi slated for more than 30 SF parks in the next year, you can no longer blame a spotty 4G connection and the too much Bi-Rite wine for your failure to flag down your friends.

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