Fixed: San Francisco

Back in the good old days (OK, in 2006), it was cheaper to rack up a weekly street cleaning parking ticket than to pay for long-term parking at SFO. But oh, times have changed – SF’s DPT can hit you up for $100 if you leave your car in the same spot for 3 days (permit or not) and a cranky neighbor complains. Fixed is a new app and service that claims they’ll contest your parking ticket by assigning your case to a real-life “advocate” who’s an expert on SF parking rules and ordinances and will contest your ticket if it looks like you might have a solid case against it.

Fixed claims that nearly half of all contested parking tickets are dismissed. Unsurprisingly, response to Fixed has been enormous, and they’re currently releasing the app in incremental roll-outs. Shoot us a note if you’re one of the lucky few – Connie’s been annoyed at the DPT ever since someone razored her registration tags off her car ($79).

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