Good Eggs: San Francisco

It’s that eternal San Francisco dilemma: you want to support local farms and artisans, but you just can’t schlep yourself over to the Alemany Farmer’s Market at 9am, before all the goof stuff is gone. Luckily, there’s Good Eggs, which lets you buy produce, meats, cheeses, snacks, and prepared foods from local purveyors – all conveniently delivered straight to your door. The service connects you directly to the farmers and chefs who grew and prepared your groceries, and you get to browse your options through an easy (not to mention, gorgeous) online store.

In addition to Bay Area favorites like Avedano’s butchers, Full Belly Farm, and Four Barrel Coffee, Good Eggs also featured highly-covered loaves from Josey Baker Bread (no more standing in line at the Mill!). And for our friends in NYC, don’t get get jelly – Good Eggs recently launched in Brooklyn.

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