Iladora: San Francisco

Despite its well-known bike culture and homegrown biking apparel brands – Chrome, Mission Workshop, Betabrand and Levi’s Commuter line were all born here – San Francisco’s offerings for lady cyclists has lagged behind gear made for men. Founded by local bicyclists Ilana Siegelman and Meghan Murphy, Iladora originally launched its “perfect bike pant” project through a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, and now the pants are available online and at Mission Bicycle. Using samples tested and fitted by local cyclists and friends, the Iladora line is manufactured in San Francisco and offers women a sleek, durable pair of pants designed for biking and for the office.

But manufacturing well-designed pants isn’t the company’s only mission – Iladora is actively promoting a #bikebeautiful campaign on its site and through social media channels. As a regular city cyclist, it’s a philosophy that Connie is particularly enthusiastic about, and 2905 is looking forward to what’s next on Iladora’s drawing boards.

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