Instacart: San Francisco

These days, it seems like everything is available as a service – but here’s one that’s actually useful (and practical) on a daily basis – especially if that day happens to be rainy or extremely hectic. Instacart is a grocery shopping and delivery service, currently serving the San Francisco and Chicago areas (with other cities on the way). For $3.99 per delivery (the fee is waived if your order tops $35), the Instacart site allows you to browse high-brow selections from Whole Foods, staples from Safeway and even bulk items from Costco, select which items you want to purchase, and then schedule them for delivery for a timeslot of your choosing. And best of all, they also deliver beer and wine, in addition to pharmacy items like Nyquil and deodorant.

Instacart also offers special discounts on goods through Instacart Plus, as well as a membership option (free and expedited delivery service) through Instacart Express. An initial run through its inventory showed a wide range of vegetarian selections as well as specialty items, such as Asian pantry staples. With plans to expand to several other cities as well as offer additional vendors and stores in its hometown San Francisco, we’ll be keeping Instacart in mind for those lazy, cold, empty-refrigerator nights.

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