Level Skies: San Francisco

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of travel here at 2905(miles) HQ – but we’re not always the best planners. When it comes to snagging a decent flight itinerary at a decent price we know some of the usual tricks of the trade – clearing our cookies and browser caches between searches, buying tickets on Tuesday, keeping a close eye on fare-prediction trends – but it’s not a foolproof way to snag the cheapest ticket. Or even a cheaper ticket.

Level Skies wants to take the buyer’s remorse out of airfare (frequent flyers are well aware of that sinking feeling you get when you just missed out on a sale, or when the itinerary you purchased last week drops in price). Their site lets you browse for select flights (they currently offer flights originating from SF, NYC, LA and Boston, with more on the way) and lock in a specific price for up to a month, effectively providing you with a flexible and refundable ticket. Even better, if your chosen itinerary drops in price while you’re deciding, you get to take advantage of a refund. With a team of five, including the two co-founders and a data scientist who tweaks their pricing algorithm, we’re looking forward to giving Level Skies a whirl for our next cross-country travel plans.

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