Lit Motors: San Francisco

This is a company that takes hardware seriously – and literally. Founded in 2010, the company launched their C-1 concept last year – a self-balancing, fully enclosed electric two-wheeler designed for urban streets and tight parking spaces. Resembling something like a motorcycle combined with a space capsule, the two-passenger vehicle shows off the company’s engineering and design chops, with some innovation thrown in – the C-1 stays upright with the help of a unique gyroscopic stability system.

The company also just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Kubo (pictured below), an electric cargo scooter that’s also designed for city use and city errands. With a design that references both classic Vespas and modern Apple products, it’s certainly eye-catching (if you’re interested in buying in, you’ve got until December 20 to become a supporter). Lit Motors is also committed to designing and manufacturing all of their vehicles in San Francisco, where they have a three-floor office, workshop, and engineering lab in SoMa.

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