Sparse: San Francisco

It’s no secret that 2905(miles) is a big fan of bicycling – San Francisco and New York City both have miles of great bike lanes, and there’s nothing better than a ride to brunch (or the beach) on a sunny day. But your standard set of handlebar- and seatpost-mounted bike lights suffers from several shortcomings: they’re easy to steal, it’s a pain to replace the tiny batteries, they suffer from water damage and they’re only truly visible from a head-on angle, leaving bicyclists susceptible to being side-swiped and t-boned by drivers.

Sparse Lights, born as a Kickstarer project, aims to solve these problems with a clean, simple design. Rather than temporarily clipping on to the bike (or using an awkward mounting clip), Sparse Lights are integrated into the bike frame – the front light fits permanently onto the stem (amongst your spacers), while the rear light slides permanently onto the seat post – an aspiring bike light thief would have to disassemble half your bike to get to them. The bright LEDs are mounted on the front and sides of each light board, creating a bright arc of light that can be seen from both the front and the sides of the bike, and both lights are water resistant and rechargeable via a micro USB cable. Founded by a trio of designers and cyclists who want biking to be “beautiful and uncomplicated,”ย Sparse has big plans for additional products in 2014 –ย we’ll have our eyes peeled for gear to accompany us on our next ride.

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