The Target Labs: San Francisco

Political campaigns already have a lot of data. But most campaigns, especially those at the state and local level, make voter targeting decisions using educated guesses, not analytics. Thanks to all the press surrounding the Obama campaign’s big data initiatives in 2012, that’s starting to change. More and more campaign managers get it, but until now, no one has developed a scalable data analytics solution to serve their needs.
Founded by an Obama administration vet and a current Etsy engineering lead, the Target Labs is building a web platform for political campaigns to upload data and create models that they can use to decide which voters to target with their outreach efforts, ultimately resulting in more votes for their candidates.
The first test of the Target Lab’s approach, during Eric Mar’s campaign for Supervisor in San Francisco in fall 2012, resulted in a 13 point margin of victory on Election Day, despite the fact that Eric’s opponent outspent him by a factor of 4 to 1. Now, the Target Labs is scaling this success up to support Democratic and progressive campaigns around the country.

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