True&Co: San Francisco

Almost everyone (not just the ladies) can agree that a well-fitting, cute bra is indeed a great thing. But the process of finding the right bra and the right size can be a downright terrible experience, wrought with pushy saleswomen wielding measuring tapes and stern stares. Now that we’ve entered the era of online personal shoppers and Netflix-style customized clothing libraries, it’s high time for some disruptions in the lingerie industry.

True&Co. does away with the painful fitting room experience, and instead helps each customer determine her perfect size through an easy online quiz, peppered with playful (but clear) illustrations and fun lingerie factoids. Using data points from over 200,000 ladies, True&Co. makes an educated guess as to what brands and sizes (including their newly-released house label, She Walks in Beauty+Light) would fit you best, and present a customized storefront where you can order items for at-home try ons. As you buy (and return) more items, their database develops a better understanding of your exact size, preferences and more – data-driven lingerie, indeed.

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