Teaman & Co: San Francisco

Teaman & Company is building an online luxury brand to serve the growing demand for unique colored gemstone jewelry, and colored gemstone engagement rings.

DeBeers is responsible for creating a culture where people got engaged with diamonds, but the millennials have realized that diamonds aren’t the be-all and end-all gemstone, and people are now buying and getting engaged with colored gems.” – Chloe Alpert, CEO  

Teaman & Company is setting out to become the “DeBeers” of colored gemstones by giving people access to the most incredible colored gemstones they’re sourcing from all over the world, and they’re signing unique artisanal jewelers. They’ve created a constantly growing line of custom engagement rings where customers work with a private concierge to choose a setting and match the perfect colored gemstone.

Teaman is also innovating in the space with their 3D-printed inventory sample program where customers will be able to order samples of listed inventory to try on. They’ve launched their beta signup page, and will be launching the first run of the program in the fall.

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