Decoded: London

Want to learn how to code in a day? That’s exactly what Decoded promises to do and has done for hundreds of students around the world. Co-founders Kathryn Parsons, Steve Henry, Richard Peters and Ali Blackwell joined forces in 2011 with the aim of taking people from zero to coding a multi-platform app using HTML, CSS and Javascript, in a single day.

Unlike competitors Maker’s Academy, General Assembly and the Flatiron School which offer open enrollment to individuals, Decoded mostly works with a range of innovative companies like Google, Unilever, WPP, Omnicom/Publicis, Barclaycard and Accenture to help their employees learn how to code. And, as opposed to serving Red Bull and pizza, students are treated to a range of organic offerings and beautiful classroom settings.

Decoded will officially launch in NYC this September 2013 following a series of pop-ups in the city. In the USA, Decoded is also popping up in Minneapolis, Chicago and has just returned from Atlanta with Turner Broadcasting.  And the Decoded team is hiring! Check out opportunities here and say we sent you!

Photo Credit: Wired

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