Deskcamping: London

If you’re tired of working in cafés or from home then it’s time to give Deskcamping a go. It’s a new service for freelancers to find desk space in New York, London and Berlin.

Since launching in December it’s already had over 300 sign ups and there’s a plan to open in San Francisco, Portland and Melbourne soon. It’s early days but Deskcamping is hoping to grow a community of workspaces and freelancers that share common values. “It’s less about desks and more about people working together,” says Nick Couch, Deskcamping’s Camp Chief.

So if you’re reading this in a café and on your 5th coffee of the day, check out these great #NyLon friendly workspaces. In New York, why not check out The Fueled CollectiveEnsemble or Bat Haus? In London? Try Club Workspace, The Bakery and Millers Junction.

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