Theo Fellgett: New York City

The East London raised Theo Fellgett is Head of Operations at eyeforpharma, a London and New York based business intelligence and community engagement company. His Tumblr, “Dogs on Road” is one of our new favorites.

Security Check: Three days before my flight to New York, I crashed my bike riding to work and ended up with a broken shoulder and the possibility of surgery. The Homerton Hospital doctors prescribed me 6 weeks of rest and no travel. So, homeless and injured, I spent a week staying at my dad’s and watched the first series of “Girls” on his sofa. I figured this was the best way to prep for my move.

A week later, I skipped my follow up appointment, signed the insurance forms, stuffed my foam sling into my checked luggage and tucked my arm into the front pocket of my hoodie. I landed in NY jet lagged, and struggled with my bags up the 5 floors to my Bedford Street apartment in the West Village.

Describe your experience in New York as a Londoner:
I wasn’t too sure at first. I thought, it’s the 21st Century- you don’t need to move to America to ‘make it’ anymore. But, I quickly fell in love with not just the city, but an American girl too.

Also, the ability to leave the hustle of NYC is excellent. It takes a couple hours to get out of the urban sprawl of London, but in New York, ‘the wilderness’ is an hour away. Most weekends, I ride my mountain bike in a great area 45 minutes away on Metro North. It’s some of the best riding in the Northeast. You would need to drive to Wales (4 hours), Scotland (7 hours) or fly to the Alps (hours) for anything similar from London.

Work wise, the first thing that hit me here is the access to talent. Some of the smartest minds in the world are in New York. Once my company setup recruiting here, we’ve been able to employ some of the brightest sparks, hardest workers and most innovative thinkers.

How can New York and London better engage with each other?

I think it should be easier for businesses to work in London and vice versa. Despite having all the right visa requirements, I’ve been made to feel like a criminal at immigration.The general consensus is that LaGuardia needs to be avoided and JFK is much more welcoming to us Brits. A ‘3460 Miles Visa’ would go a long way to help join the two cities.

In Flight Entertainment: What’s Currently in Your Headphones?

Anything by Rudimental. I grew up with ¾ of the group so I’m thrilled to see their success in the UK and I’m trying to rep them here in the US!

And what are you currently reading?

Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire: A Confidential Report” by Iain Sinclair. I also just finished “London: A Biography” by Peter Ackroyd. Reading about home while I am away helps me feel connected.

Favorite NYC Secret Spot: Joseph Leonard in the West Village was my go-to spot during my first few months in New York. It was tough missing the Olympics and Wiggo’s Tour de France win, but Joseph Leonard’s food, atmosphere, and staff got me through.

Favorite London Secret Spot: There are too many to list and some I don’t want to share… but: Dayakabir does the best Turkish food on Green Lanes. So they know you’re serious: get an ‘Ayran’. The classic working lunch is at St. John Bread and Wine in Spitalfields and don’t miss The Salisbury Pub for a Sunday roast and game of Scrabble in Harringay. The King’s Wardrobe near St Paul’s is where street cleaners hide to skip work and is a great place to take girls for a kiss.

From the 3460 Miles newsletter: connecting NEW YORK CITY + LONDON

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