Future Ad Labs: London

Think banner and pre-roll video ads are annoying? Thankfully Future Ad Labs is coming to the rescue! The award-winning ad tech company leverages the power of physical and emotional interactions to develop and distribute high-impact advertising formats designed for a mobile generation.

Awesome collaborations with global brands like Heinz, Nestle, Renault, Sky, Unilever and BBC have bucked the trend of boring: Future Ad Labs is replacing frustrating online user experiences (think pre-roll video, CAPTCHAS or paywalls) with fun engagements that brands can be at the centre of.

Earlier this month they decided to raise £300k via UK-based crowdfunding site Seedrs, and reached their goal with 36 hours! They are now about to hit a crowdbusting £450k – see what the buzz is about on their crowdfunding campaign page.

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