Millie Maidens: New York City

What do you do? 
Hi, I’m Millie, and I am a designer and product developer at ADAY. Our team is still small so there’s only two of us on the product team and we tackle everything from sketch to the final production.

What else should we know about you?
I love cooking + baking. I love the challenge of creating an indulgent dessert and removing all the unhealty ingredients and replacing it with natural food. The best part is seeing peoples reaction when they love the dessert and then ask what the ingredients are to see them so surprised that something without sugar could taste so damn good!

What’s your historical London and New York connection? 
We launched ADAY in May 2015 in London. Late last year, in October, we relocated the Head Office to New York – where I’m now working and living.

Describe your experience in New York as a Londoner.
I was so surprised to find this and I’m sure everyone is so bored of me saying it but London is much more advanced in the public travel sector. London has advanced from oyster to contactless with your phone in the past year and New York still has paper tickets that you have to swipe. I forever get stuck in the turnstile because i’m too impatient with swiping, there’s definitely a knack to it I am yet to master.

How can the two cities better engage with each other?
If someone hurried up and invented teleportation then that would definitely help.
Okay to answer the question, do I really think they need to better engage? Each has such great diversities from their art scenes to the the diversifying cultures and if they engaged more would they become too similar and adopt the same characteristics? We live in a world now where everyone is connected and nothing feels exclusive. I love feeling like I’m apart of a different way of life and surrounded by experiences I may not have experienced in London or vice versa.

Favorite NYC secret spot:
The most delicious and cheapest Tacos near where I live in Bushwick. I’m sure its not a secret anymore but its in a Taco factory and its BYOB!

Favourite London secret spot:
Wandsworth common right next to where my boyfriend lives. Its pieceful and green and a complete escape from central. Last summer was spent practising handstands (which I’m yet to master) and playing tennis on the nearby courts. The nearby bakery is also great for freshly made sourdough bread everyday my favourite is the walnut and cranberry!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

As long as it’s my where all my family and friends are i’m not picky.

In flight entertainment: 
I love country music to help me concentrate when I’m designing, and the spotify playlist does the trick. My taste is very eclectic, as I grew up on my dad’s playlist memorizing the words to Beautiful South and Savage Garden. But, my guilty pleasure is Justin Bieber ‘Sorry’ and Avril Lavigne ‘Skater Boy.’ I can’t forgot Adele either.

I just read such a gripping book called The Bones of You by Debbie Howells . I love murder mysteries and guessing the killer before the end. Maybe a detective could be my next challenge.

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