Parsely Health: New York City

Parsley Health is changing the face of medical care in a remarkable way. As a members-only medical practice, Parsley’s highly trained doctors and health coaches work as a team to help you live your way to a state of better health using nutrition, supplements, lifestyle change, medication, and in-depth testing.

People join Parsley to take a more holistic 360 approach towards issues ranging from autoimmune disease and digestive problems to weight loss and anxiety. They also join to access expert guidance using the most cutting-edge testing and medical data available – from genetics to the bacteria in your gut.

Parsley’s fully tech-enabled platform, membership model and team based approach ensure that its members get ongoing care that’s convenient, simple to use, and accessible. At Parsley you can see your doctor via video or in person, schedule online and download your records anytime.

Based in NYC with plans to open in California this summer, Parsley Health believes it’s time to make primary care medicine proactive rather than reactive. Visit them at

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