Silvia Christmann: New York City

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I’m a growth coach and advisor to entrepreneurs. I work at the intersection of personal and professional growth. I work and collaborate with people all over the world – with London and New York currently being my two hot spots.

What else should we know about you?
I work with innovators, entrepreneurs, executives, and other passionate individuals that want to invest in new frontiers. I work with people who are hungry for change and want to step you their game. People who have a true desire maximise their potential for a purpose driven life. I give people and companies frameworks to be happy, healthy and highly productive.

What’s your historical London and New York connection? 
London is the European world I was born into which cam make me feel uneasy, while New York is the home I choose where feel valued, loved and free to be.

Describe your experience in London as a New Yorker.
As a European born New Yorker, I love going back to my old stomping grounds. It’s so sleepy, relaxing and chilled out. It’s pristine and quaint. Delightfully charming. The weather reminds me of my life in my home town. It’s creates this interesting mixture of doom and gloom in between the brief stints of sunshine while filled with warm hearted people.

How can New York and London better engage with each other? 
I’m not sure! I live in a bubble my world is well balanced between the two. When I’m in New York I tend to work and engage a lot with Londoners and vice versa.

Favorite NYC secret spot:
Home is where the heart is 😉 It’s where you will find me most frequently. Jivamukti!

Favourite London secret spot:
Primrose Hill – That Hill and I have a long history. We share lots of great sunsets, conversations and pivotal moments in my life.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
If I could be anywhere in the world, I would live in between New York, Thailand, London and LA–just like I do 🙂 It’s the perfect mix for me. Winters in Thailand feed my soul, New York is where I thrive, LA is a good change of scenery and London is where I connect with Family. I gain my vantage point by staying in motion. I live between worlds.

In flight entertainment:

What’s playing in your headphones right now?
The Love Channel Podcast.

And what are you currently reading?

What Got Here Won’t Here and The Virgin Way Everything Leadership.

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