Wok+Wine: London

How do you find the people you didn’t know you were looking for? Wok+Wine has the answer. Dubbed “the world’s most effective serendipity machine”, Wok+Wine knows interesting people don’t want to just hang out with others who are like them. Real breakthroughs happen when, for example, a fashion designer, a neuroscientist, an architect, a botanist and a VC get together, but those situations don’t happen often enough. Wok+Wine is on a mission to fix that.

Founded in New York and now headquartered in London, it’s a global event series that’s building one of the world’s most interesting communities of open-minded and curious people (people like you?).

Wok+Wine happens in New York, London, Amsterdam, and Melbourne and plans to add 100 more cities. HBR called it “a global experiment in social chemistry” and organisations, from Accenture to Foodspotting.com, have engaged Wok+Wine as a powerful social lubricant to break down silos, strengthen client relationships, and build communities. Get invited to future events or try to grab a ticket for their events in London or New York on October 9th.

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