Paul Jeffery: New York City

What’s your historical connection to Los Angeles and New York?
I moved to Los Angeles from Boston, MA in 2003. I was working as a
graphic designer/office manager/PR for a small avant garde extreme
music record label called Hydra Head records. The two partners had
decided to move to Los Angeles and I was along for the ride. After a
little over 3 years of slaving away at that ultra hip but financially
crippling job I decided to take a chance and go out as a freelance
designer. From there I worked at G4TV for a little over a year before
I started doing key art for movie and television advertising. After
nearly eight years in the City of Angels I realized that the only
thing that brought me there and kept me there was work so I packed my
life up and moved to New York, a city which I have always felt a pull

Describe your experience in LA.
As a young professional it was an experience that cannot be replaced.
I was able to gain experience as a designer, art director, manager,
and much more with relative ease (other than putting in what some
would consider INSANE hours at times). As a person living in the world
I found the atmosphere and culture of Los Angeles to be borderline
poisonous and something that I needed to be rid of.
What was the biggest challenge of moving from LA to NYC (or vice versa)?
Simply taking a deep breath and bracing myself for a leap of faith was
the hardest part. I have found New York to be incredibly welcoming
both professionally and socially. My life has improved exponentially
since moving to this great city.

How can NYC and LA engage/connect with each other?
LA could learn a lot from New York. New Yorkers have a pride and a
connection with their city that is unparalleled. There is an almost
stubborn will to hold on to the variety of culture represented here as
well as the culture of the city itself. This is something that is lost
in the fast food culture of LA. I think this bleeds over into the
personality of the people here and how they approach their work. There
is a hustle and a desire to stand out that is admirable.

LA secret spot?
Tacos Villa Corona in Atwater Village is the best burrito you will
find in Los Angeles. This place is the definition of a hole in the
wall yet it always has a steady flow of customers. For nightlife I
would say The Black Castle in Inglewood, a venue that hosts black
metal shows exclusively.

NYC secret spot?
St. Vitus bar in Greenpoint. Where else can you see a band, eat some
steamed tofu buns, and get a beer and a shot for $6 all in one place?
I highly recommend this place for fans of subversive culture.

If you were not at SpotCo, what would you be doing?
Probably working for myself as a freelance art director and designer.
That is what brought me to SpotCo in the first place and I enjoy the
freedom of it both creatively and personally.

From the 2462 Miles newsletter: connecting NEW YORK CITY + LOS ANGELES

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