AIDS Service Center NYC: New York City

Not a company, but an amazing organization worth knowing about here in NYC…

Founded 23 years ago to address community needs and provide support and services to those immediately affected by the AIDS Crisis of the 1980’s and ‘90’s, ASCNYCwas born out of an urgent need. Medical advances mean living with HIV/AIDS is no longer an immediate death sentence, but homelessness, depression, joblessness and substance abuse issues still plague the community of positive individual. Meanwhile, more than 181,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS in New York and one in five – close to 36,000 people – are HIV+ and don’t even know it.

Focused on helping individuals make lasting positive changes in their lives, the organization provides life-changing services to 14,000 New Yorkers each year with a year with a staff of 100 – close to 30% of who first came to ASCNYC as clients and now work on all levels of the organization. The organization serves New Yorkers in need – those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS and related chronic conditions like Hepatitis C, tuberculosis, mental health challenges and substance abuse. Programs focused on helping individuals build lasting, positive change through support and customized services that help people get off welfare and disability, clean from addictions, housed, healthy and back in charge of their dignity and destiny.

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