Chefs Feed: San Francisco

Food voyeurism just stepped up its game. If you’re no longer satisfied with drooling over your friends’ Instagrams of their latest locally-sourced, seasonally-inspired meal, the Chefs Feed app lets you get up close and personal with the minds (and taste buds) of some of San Francisco’s most buzz-worthy chefs (don’t worry, New York – they’ve got you covered, too). Choose to follow any number of your city’s chefs (ranging from highbrow foodies like Benu’s Corey Lee to down ‘n’ dirty heroes like 4505 Meats’ Ryan Farr), and you’ll see a feed of what dishes they’re currently craving and devouring, complete with photos and colorful commentary. Dishes run the gamut – from El Faralito’s late-night tacos to duck liver mousse at State Bird Provisions – and the app lets you bookmark your personal favorites and make plans to try them out yourself – and invite friends. And to incur maximum foodie points, you can also add dishes, photos, and comments to your in-app profile and share them with your friends and followers.

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