ErinBlythe Sanders: New York City

What’s your historical San Francisco and New York connection?
Born and raised in the Bay, moved to San Francisco “officially” at 19. I should say that I moved to NYC solely to fulfill my academic dreams by going to grad school at Columbia, but truthfully…I was really following a girl.
Describe your experience in SF.
I’m so obsessed with this city that it might be unhealthy. While out the other night, someone dropped the ‘If you could love anywhere…’ question and I immediately gasped “I have to LEAVE?!” Totally not the point of the game, but 100% how I feel.
What was the biggest challenge of moving from SF to NYC to SF?
For me it wasn’t the New York “pace” or even the generally accepted no-fucks-given attitudes. It was the blatant racism and homophobia. I get it. I grew up in the Bay Area Bubble but the crap that is openly thrown around out there was jarring to my system.
How can NYC and SF best engage with each other?
It’s great that we’re not really in competition as ‘rival’ cities since we are so different. Not hating on each other’s scenes is great in the creative sphere. Some of the best music I’ve had in my ears lately has been from cross-coast colabs. Generally Oakland/Brooklyn (of course).
Favorite SF secret spot
Favorite NYC secret spot
If you were not at Digitas, what would you be doing?
Lobbying for funding for the NEH.
Inflight Entertainment: tell us what song/album, TV show, podcast, or web videos you’ve been watching lately.
Albums on repeat: The Electric Lady by Janelle Monae, Run Fast by The Julie Ruin
Permanently in my podcast queue: Professor Blastoff, Radiolab, The Moth

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