Doorman: San Francisco

New Yorkers know the benefits of a good doorman, but it’s rare to find a staffed apartment building in San Francisco. For those packages that you can’t have delivered to your office (or the ones you don’t want to schlep home), Doorman offers a decent alternative. Instead of having your packages sent to your home or office, you instead ship them to Doorman’s own climate-controlled shipping depot. You’ll receive a notification when the package arrives through the Doorman app, and you can schedule home delivery in the evening (aka, when you’ll actually be home).

Deliveries cost $7 a piece, which is probably cheaper than taking a Lyft to the FedEx depot to chase down those pesky “sorry we missed you” items. You can also score a free delivery for yourself by giving Doorman some social media love (check the footer on their homepage for details).

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