Sprig: San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t lacking in food delivery service options, but it often isn’t the healthiest or cheapest way to get a decent dinner into your belly. Sprig, a new “dinner on demand” service (powered by their iPhone app) aims to put a tasty, locally-sourced and balanced meal onto your plate – all for $10. Founded by Google’s former executive chef, Nate Keller, Sprig offers three entrees per night (with vegan and gluten-free options available; recent offerings included an artichoke tomato polenta pie and an Alsatian pork and beef stew) and promises delivery to your door within about 20 minutes of ordering.

So where’s the catch? Sprig is currently available only in select parts of San Francisco, on weekday evenings (sorry, night owls). But here’s to hoping for a quick and successful expansion into more neighborhoods, with options for late-night eats.

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