Diane Loviglio: San Francisco

What’s your historical San Francisco and New York connection?
I grew up on Long Island (Glen Cove) but after college moved to SF and have been here ever since. Although I did sublet my place in SF and move to NYC for a few months a couple of summers ago and loved it!

Describe your experience in SF and your experience in NYC.
SF is great. After college I came here to work in green architecture, but a few months after I got here I started my first startup – it was in the clean tech space. After four years, and angel funding, we shut down and I need to change things up a bit. So I moved to NYC, where I always wanted to live and found some contract work and had a blast. I subletted for 10 weeks, which was the perfect amount of time to be away from SF so that when I got back I loved SF again and could move on with my life.

What was the biggest challenge of moving between NYC and SF?
I grew up in the suburbs, my house wasn’t big, but it was comfortable. When I moved to SF I got a 1000 sqft apt with two other roommates. Also comfortable, we had a dining room AND a living room. 🙂 When I subletted in Nolita, I thought I was getting a one bedroom to share with my husband, but we got a studio with a big half wall separating us from the kitchen. We loved entertaining, but realized that NYC living would be different. We had a birthday party and invited 12 people over and we sat in 2 circles, one inside the other. Even though I grew up on the east coast and lived there for 18 years, I totally fogot how bad humidity was in the summer. So that was an adjustment.

Favorite SF secret spot
Corona Heights – it’s the locals equivalent of twin peaks – you can only get there by walking up, no cars and the view is better – never foggy.

Favorite NYC secret spot
Any rooftop garden!

If you were not where you are now, what would you be doing?
I’d be mentoring startups full-time.

Roadtrip Entertainment: tell us what song/album, TV show, podcast, or web videos you’ve been watching lately.
Orange is the New Black. I know it’s a tv show which means most of it is made up, but I find it so fascinating and keep thinking, which of these scenes could have actually happened in real life.

From the 2905 Miles newsletter: connecting NEW YORK CITY + SAN FRANCISCO

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