Targeting Mantra: San Francisco

“Millions of products and page views but very low conversion rates” — this has been the story of most e-commerce businesses. A large part of this problem is due to the lack of personalization capabilities.

Targeting Mantra is a personalization service set to change this. They help e-commerce sites show the right product, at the right time, to the right consumer. Just six months after launch, they already have consistently delivered ~20% higher conversion rates to their clients. In fact, the company is so confident of its product that they only charge if they deliver at least a 10% increase in conversion rate. With over 20 years of machine-learning experience under their belt and backed by 500Startups, Rajan Anandan (MD, Google India), Ankur Warikoo (Head of Groupon, Asia Pacific) among others, it surely is a company worth watching.

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