Chris Brownridge: New York City

Describe your experience in New York as a Londoner.
I think going from London to New York via San Francisco has given me a different perspective on the city. Heading from London to San Francisco was a little like going from London to Brighton. So much smaller, a lot more colourful, on the coast – and the weather was pretty much the same!

Moving to NYC has now landed me in a city much more similar to London again; only I describe it as London on steroids. NYC’s energy is non-stop, wherever you go there is something different to eat, to drink, someone different to meet or see. From dive bars in Brooklyn, to rooftop parties on #sundayfunday – every night has something to do and it is harder than ever to stay home and relax! As a Brit in NYC I’m still very surprised how far our accent goes – it flatters and yet baffles me when I get asked to say the word bottle over again!

How can NYC and London best engage with each other?
We need more organisations like 3460 Miles, bringing Brits and New Yorkers together in both spots. Bringing great people together is how the greatest ideas are born. As a Brit currently in the USA we also need the support of both governments in lowering the barriers to entry for knowledge and people transfer between the two cities. The current immigration policies on both sides of the pond are not as conducive to increased collaboration and engagement as they could be. The provision of trainee and immersion programs into businesses in both cities would promote cross city skill sharing and collaboration – and something I’d like to see happen very soon!

Favourite NYC secret spot: Sauce – a small cash only Italian restaurant at Rivington & Allen. Their meatballs are incredible, they have possibly the best buratta I’ve ever tasted – and when I tried their bolognese it’s honestly the first time I’ve found something better than my mum cooks it. (sorry Mum!)

Favourite London secret spot: Everest Inn Blackheath – Gastro Nepalese / Indian cuisine. Hands down some of the best food from the Asian subcontinent that you’ll find! Can you tell I miss Indian food over here?! I’ve yet to find a good curry house like in the UK!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
If not New York or London? I’m torn between going back to San Francisco or heading East to Berlin. Both extremely different to each other, and a far cry from New York & London. I lived in SF most recently and it is a beautiful place – while it’s not as energetic, there is so much to see on the city’s doorstep – beaches, wine country, skiing… did I mention Vegas?

Yet Berlin has got so much to offer too; it’s developing a strong reputation for a creative technology hub – and having lived there years ago I know why. It has always been an artists mecca post war – it’s cheap and the people are so creative. It seems to be a country into itself; bars pop up on the road in people’s caravans. The homeless take over derelict buildings and turn it into an awe inspiring art gallery & thriving bar. It’s an incredible place. So as I can’t choose between those two, I’m going to say San Berlin. That cool?

In flight entertainment: 
What’s playing in your headphones right now? Jay Z – Open Letter
What are you currently reading? Men’s Health…. bad I know!

From the 3460 Miles newsletter: connecting NEW YORK CITY + LONDON

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