STELLAService: London

STELLAService is dedicated to customer service – helping consumers find it and helping businesses achieve it. They are the first and only independent provider of customer service ratings for online retailers. How does STELLAService collect this data? They go shopping every day.

Through a process audited by global accounting and auditing firm KPMG, STELLAService analysts measure and rate the end-to-end service experience across support channels including phone, email, chat and Twitter as well as shipping, returns and refunds. The service metrics they collect include a mix of speed and quality, such as total time to reach a live representative on the phone, product and policy knowledge and packaging quality.

STELLAService operates a syndicated data platform called STELLA Metrics for monitoring and benchmarking customer service performance across hundreds of metrics. With around 700 online retailers displaying their seal, STELLAService is worth taking a peak!

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