Reema Mitra: London

What’s your historical London and New York connection?
I have a few cousins that live here so growing up in America, I spent a lot of time daydreaming about scones and trying to understand the use of the gratuitous ‘u’ in words like ‘humour.’ Having worked in NYC since I was 18, I knew no other city in the States would be able to fulfill what I was looking for next. So I asked for a transfer, packed 4 suitcases and ended up here in Londontown. Now I can eat all the scones I want and have adopted the ‘u’ as a necessity (much to the dismay of friends back home).

Describe your experience in London as a New Yorker? My New York to London journey has been bittersweet. Learning what the two cities have to offer by letting go of what I love about the other took some time. I’m finally in a place where I’m sitting comfortably in the middle portion of this Venn Diagram.

Before I left NYC, I was trying to bridge the gap between startups and big brands. One thing I love about being in London is that we are at the same point NYC was back in 2009/2010. The energy here is incredible and I can’t wait to see how the next few years transform the tech scene in Europe. Hopefully, I can be a part of it here, too!

Favorite NYC secret spot: Brooklyn Bowl. It may not be a secret for some, but it’s the only place you can listen to a Talib Kweli DJ set while drinking a Nutella-Bourbon Milkshake and knocking some pins down with vintage bowling balls.

Favorite London secret spot: I love the Royal Observatory. The best thing about London is that it’s a bunch of tiny villages so no one place is the same as the other. Greenwich is beautiful and has a lot to offer if you enjoy rolling landscapes and maritime museums. Go inside the Observatory and watch a stargazing show. It’s similar to the Hayden Planetarium, but twice as romantic.

In flight entertainment: 

What’s currently playing in your headphones? Maps & Atlases. They’re from Chicago and I got to see them live at a tiny venue in Camden this year. Beware and Be Grateful is a stunning album and I would highly recommend a listen. Other than that, I’ve created a playlist called Awesomesauce for your convenience.

What are you reading? I was reading this [image below] on the plane when I moved back in 2011. New York and London have something special. There’s nothing like flying between both of them and taking the best each has to offer.

From the 3460 Miles newsletter: connecting NEW YORK CITY + LONDON

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