Secret Escapes: London

Secret Escapes is the UK’s biggest members-only website specialising in flash sales for luxury travel. Each week, the company hand-picks four and five-star hotels and holidays and sells them for less than anyone else online – guaranteed. For the duration of the site’s flash sales (one or two weeks), Secret Escapes offers its members exclusive rates of up to 70% off.

“We wondered why booking a holiday always felt like hard work – the price comparisons, the awful early morning flights just to get the best price, the huge range of possible hotels (both good and bad). Travel is, and should be, exciting – and booking a holiday should be a fun experience. That’s what we set out to achieve, and it is the philosophy that drives us on. We want to inspire people, and we do so with amazing images, sharp, accessible writing, exciting destinations and unbeatable prices,” says Secret Escapes’ Editor Rob Day.

Most recently, Secret Escapes has announced commercial partnerships with two huge publishing brands – Conde Nast Traveller and Time Out London

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