Triptease: London

It’s still chilly as ever in London, so I’ve been warming myself up with stories of banana pancakes in Bali and poolside parties in Miami on the cleverly named website Triptease, which offers a new take on travel reviews that are beautiful, image-led and designed for sharing.

Triptease founder and Chief Tease, Charlie Osmond said, ‘We believe in changing travel reviews from bland and boring to beautiful and inspiring through high quality content that is designed for sharing.’

In moments, users can create content that resembles a piece of editorial in a glossy magazine, ready to be shared with the world. The review process is simple; upload a favourite photo, add a little text and use one of six design templates to instantly create an inspirational travel review in glorious technicolour.

Users can find and follow each other, using a similar mechanism to Twitter and tapping into that all-important ‘people like us’ mentality. Triptease is built for iPad – the perfect mobile platform for flicking through stunning travel images and perfectly portable for travel.

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