Seedrs: London

As the U.S.A. finally catches up in the equity crowdfunding movement with the passing of the JOBS Act, London has embraced the idea for several years. Seedrs, the UK equity-based crowdfunding platform launched in July 2012, has seen 49 deals totaling £2.5 million in funding. Companies have a 90-day window to raise a target amount of cash; the investment goes ahead if they succeed, but the money is returned if they don’t a la Kickstarter. Seedrs allows investors to put as little as £10 in at a time into as many investments as they like. Previously funded companies include Happy Days the Musical, Satago and NearDesk.

In a meta-move for the London-based startup, Seedrs listed itself on its site in a bid to crowd-raise £500,000 for international expansion. By the end of the day, Seedrs had raised over £1,000,000. Looks like we’ll be seeing more of Seedrs across Europe soon!

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